Halcyon Radiation Therapy

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    At Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia - Decatur, we are proud to offer our patients state-of-the-art radiation therapy for their cancer treatment. While we offer various types of radiation therapy technologies, we are very pleased to include the Halcyon™ radiotherapy system by Varian Medical Systems to the list. This advanced radiation technology allows us to deliver more efficient, precise, and comfortable personalized care to patients living in and around the area. 

    What is the Halcyon Radiotherapy System? 

    Halcyon Radiotherapy System by Varian Medical Systems is the latest and most advanced system designed to deliver sophisticated, highly targeted cancer treatments with speed, accuracy, safety, and comfort. 

    Halcyon delivers image-guided intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), a type of external beam radiation therapy (ERBT). These beams are delivered through a dual layer multi-leaf collimator (MLC), which targets cancerous tumors so precisely that surrounding tissues and organs are spared. Images are captured with HyperSight, a revolutionary imaging solution integrated within the Halcyon system. This imaging enhancement gives radiation therapists the ability to capture images in literal seconds as well as calculate changes in tumors over time. 

    Because of its versatility, Halcyon is an effective radiotherapy treatment option for several types of cancer, including breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, uterine cancer, and head and neck cancer

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    Advantages of Treatment With Halcyon

    The Halcyon radiation therapy system was engineered with the patient in mind, taking their safety, comfort, and overall outcome into consideration. Because of this, there are several benefits this innovative design provides. 

    Innovative Cancer Treatment Technology

    Halcyon is currently at the forefront of the latest advancements in radiotherapy, with new features continually being developed and released. Currently, it offers: 

    • Innovative beam-shaping technology that precisely targets tumors and rapidly delivers higher radiation doses without putting surrounding healthy tissues and organs at risk.
    • Improved modulation and shielding that can deliver treatment in about half the time of conventional radiation therapy treatments.
    • A new standard of image guidance. Images are larger, have better contrast, and can be captured in a single-breath hold.   

    Ultimate Precision

    The precise delivery of Halcyon beams can be easier on those who are more sensitive to radiation therapy. By sparing as much of the surrounding tissue as possible, patients are able to recover even faster than with other traditional radiotherapy modalities. 

    Personalized Care

    Patients receiving Halcyon therapy will receive care specific to their personal needs. Computer-generated images will be used to custom-design your treatment plan. These images help your radiation oncologist know exactly where to deliver radiation doses each and every time. 

    Enhanced Comfort and Safety

    Halcyon was designed with the patient in mind. Several integrated features can help reduce stress, provide safety, and create a more relaxing environment. Some key features that make Halcyon a unique radiotherapy modality include:

    • Fast positioning, imaging, and treatment, which means less time on the table. 
    • Spacious 100 cm bore that feels less restricting
    • Quiet operation and shorter treatment times for a more comfortable experience
    • Low treatment couch so you can get on and off more easily 
    • Ambient lighting and optional music to help enhance relaxation
    • Integrated camera and intercom system that allows for easy and constant communication with the radiation therapist
    • Intuitive collision-detection system that pauses treatment and motion if bore is accidentally bumped 
    • Enclosed imaging and treatment components that block machine rotation from view

    Faster Treatment Times 

    The increased speed and heightened precision of the Halcyon system allows patients to receive faster treatment. A combination of innovative beam-shaping technology, image guidance, and patient positioning makes this possible. Images can be acquired in less than 15 seconds and treatment can be administered in about two minutes.

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    What to Expect With Halcyon

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    The radiation oncologists at Radiotherapy Centers of Georgia begin treatment with a planning appointment. Typically, this involves taking a detailed 3D image of your tumor so we can better understand your specific case. This visualization process helps us know the precise size, shape, and location of the tumor. It also helps us determine the appropriate doses of radiation you will need. 

    After your initial consultation, one of our radiation oncologists will begin to develop a detailed treatment plan based on the information gathered from the 3D image of your tumor. This personalized plan includes information, such as the radiation dose needed to attack the tumor as well as the angles we need to approach it from. It is during this time that a treatment schedule will also be developed. 

    When you come to the center for treatment, the radiation therapist will position you on the treatment table and ensure that you are comfortable. Another image will be taken to verify that no changes have occurred with the tumor since your planning appointment. 

    The Halcyon machine delivers radiation by a linear accelerator, which rotates around your body as it projects the beam. Because the rotating beam gantry is enclosed within the opening, you will not see this rotation. The delivered beam conforms to the shape of your tumor while avoiding the surrounding healthy tissue. An integrated camera system and two-way intercom allows you to remain in contact with the technician as needed. 

    How long the course of your treatment lasts will depend on your individual diagnosis. However, the entire process of each visit takes only a few minutes since Halcyon delivers treatment four times faster than standard technology. 

    While radiation therapy can cause side effects, they are often minimal. Please talk to your radiation specialist if you have any concerns. 

    Halcyon Radiotherapy Treatment in Georgia

    Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia is happy to be one of only two centers in the state of Georgia treating patients with the highly effective Halcyon approach. Our expert team of radiation oncologists located in the greater Atlanta area are here to help you receive the quality treatment you need in less time. 

    Patients in the Atlanta area and surrounding cities can receive radiation therapy close to home at any of our treatment centers with advanced technologies in Blairsville, Conyers, Covington, Decatur, and Snellville, Georgia. Request an appointment today to discuss your options with our radiation oncologists.


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