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Where to Start After a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis?

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you may not need to begin treatment right away. Most men have time to do research and get a second opinion before starting a personalized treatment plan.

Leading Prostate Cancer Treatment in the Atlanta Area

Our team of prostate cancer specialists, located in northeast Georgia, cares for patients throughout the southeastern United States and would be happy to discuss what’s the best course of action for you.

Most new patients have questions about topics such as these.

Grades & Stages of Prostate Cancer

Your biopsy report includes a Gleason score and other information to grade and stage the cancer.

Available Prostate Cancer Treatments

Our team will help you identify the treatments for your stage and grade of prostate cancer, when the time is right. 

Advanced & Recurring Prostate Cancer

Learn about prostate cancer that has metastasized or recurred and to expect for next steps.


Get Your FREE Prostate Cancer Guidebook

Make an informed prostate cancer treatment decision. Our 40-page, comprehensive guidebook provides answers to our most frequently asked questions from men diagnosed with prostate cancer, and compares various treatment methods, cure rates and side effects. Our team can also connect you with one of our oncologists at no cost.

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Commonly Asked Questions about Prostate Cancer

Get answers to basic and more advanced questions about prostate cancer, its treatments and survival rates. Use these as a starting point for your discussion with the nurse navigator or oncologist.

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Free Prostate Cancer Screening & Symptoms Guide

It’s important to have a clear understanding of when you need to be screened for prostate cancer as well as understand the symptoms so you can be an active advocate for your health. Download our free guide to find out the symptoms you should be aware of as well as review the prostate cancer screening recommendations.

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