Hope Lodge



    Don’t let the distance or expense of coming to Decatur for world-class cancer treatment be a deterrent. If you live more than 40 miles away from the RCOG-Decatur clinic, you may be eligible to stay at the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge at no cost.

    The Hope Lodge is sponsored by the American Cancer Society and is located at 1552 Shoup Court, Decatur, Georgia 30033. It has 52 private guest rooms with bathrooms. Eighteen cancer treating hospitals and clinics in the area refer patients to the Hope Lodge. Guests at the Hope Lodge may cook their own meals in the community cooking area, and all cookware, china and utensils are provided. Occasionally, food is delivered by local restaurants or organizations at no cost. Please make the Hope Lodge staff aware of your specific dietary needs once you become a resident.

    The main qualifier for staying at the Hope Lodge is living at least 40 miles away from your cancer treatment center and receiving cancer treatment three or more times per week. There are no income requirements. The length of your stay is determined by the length of your treatment.

    For more information on the Hope Lodge, contact our Nurse Navigator, Kathie Griffin at 470-606-0150 or kathie.griffin@usoncology.com. She will be able to give you more information about this no-cost housing alternative. Other affordable/low cost lodging is available. Contact Kathie for more details.

    For prostate cancer patients, the Hope Lodge is not available for your implant surgery but is available during the time of your radiation treatment. Once the scheduler calls you and gives you the date of your surgery, call Kathie immediately with the surgery date, and she will provide a Hope Lodge application. Once your application has been completed, she will begin your reservation process. Please do not wait until you come to Atlanta for your implant surgery to request the Hope Lodge. It may take six/seven weeks to get into the Hope Lodge once your name has been placed on the waiting list; however, Kathie will work to get you in as soon as possible. Meanwhile, plan to stay temporarily at a secondary location until you can get into the Hope Lodge. Should you need other lodging options or secondary lodging options, please contact Jennifer as well – there are great discounts available.

    Please do not call the Hope Lodge directly. The Hope Lodge only takes referrals from cancer treatment centers. All questions about the lodge should go through Kathie. Two important pieces of information Kathie will need when you are here for radiation treatment are:

    1. A cell phone number

    2. A local hotel phone number where you will be staying until an opening at the Hope Lodge occurs.