Second Opinions

    Feeling reassured about your cancer diagnosis and treatment plan is important and is why many cancer patients seek a second opinion before beginning a specific cancer treatment plan. You should explore all options. If your oncologist’s treatment plan includes radiation therapy, you can get a second opinion at one of our radiation oncology clinics. A second opinion will give you new insights into your diagnosis and provide alternative treatment options that could lead to a better outcome, faster recovery with fewer side effects. Most cancer patients seek second opinions.

    Prostate Cancer

    More than a dozen treatment options for prostate cancer are available. Your urologist or doctor providing your diagnosis may not be familiar with all treatment methods; moreover, your Urologist may recommend the treatment option that they perform. If your prostate cancer is low grade and slow growing, one option is Active Surveillance – no treatment at all. It is critical to research prostate cancer treatment options to make an informed decision that is best for you and your family. With few exceptions, your first treatment generally gives you the best chance for success.


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    Most insurance companies will cover a second opinion, but you should always check with your insurance provider before making an appointment. Some insurance companies may request you get a second opinion before beginning cancer treatment.

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