What is ProstRcision and How Does It Cure Prostate Cancer?

ProstRcision is a specific prostate cancer treatment, developed by one of our own radiation oncologists, that uses a combination of two types of radiation therapy for a high rate of success. The documented 10-year and 15-year high success rates, combined with no cutting of the prostate, and very few side effects are why over 16,000 men from all 50 states, and over 40 countries have chosen ProstRcision.

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What to Expect During and After ProstRcision Treatment for Prostate Cancer?

As with any cancer treatment there are changes to your body that you can anticipate, both right away and in the future. Find out more about common concerns including intimacy and incontinence.

How Does the Survival Rate of ProstRcision Compare to Other Types of Prostate Cancer Treatment?

Depending on the stage when the prostate cancer was found, there are some typical survival rates experienced by most men. Find out what they are and how this compares to other prostate cancer treatments.

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