I've Just Been Diagnosed WithPROSTATE CANCER, NOW WHAT?

If you have been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, it’s critical to personally research prostate cancer treatment options to make an informed decision that is best for you and your family. With few exceptions, your first treatment generally gives you the best chance for success.

Prostate cancer treatment methods are numerous, and most doctors will recommend the treatment method they perform. Most prostate cancer is slow growing, and you have time to research and get a second opinion.

In the U.S., the average five-year survival rate of early-stage prostate cancer patients is greater than 99%! This is good news. While a prostate cancer diagnosis should be taken very seriously, the advancement of prostate cancer treatments over the past several decades has led to a very high likelihood that you will survive for many years to come.

This section will help you investigate answers to common questions, understand what to expect, and even look out towards remission and how to understand when you’ve reached that point.

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Your urologist may recommend a radical prostatectomy; however, there is a treatment method with the same or better success rate with few side effects that does not involve cutting the prostate.

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Questions for your Oncologist

Get answers to some of the most common questions for your first appointment.

How to Prepare for Your First Visit at Our Clinics

For the best success during your first radiation oncology visit, check out this list of things to bring.

Should You Get a Second Opinion?

For most patients, second opinions are covered by insurance and are encouraged. We never frown upon patients asking for a second opinion about a prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment plan that we present. We also welcome patients who would like one of our radiation oncologists to provide a second opinion.

How to Decide On the Best Prostate Cancer Treatment for You

There are a lot of prostate cancer treatment options, each with their own risks and benefits, but which treatment option gives you the best chance of zero PSA 10 years from now?

Most men have time to look into their options before a decision needs to be made. Depending on how early prostate cancer is found, some prostate cancer patients can wait months or years before starting a treatment plan.

Learn about what’s best for you.


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